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The Instagram Facts That You Never Knew!

You have been using Instagram for over a year now, but you might be unaware of some fascinating Instagram facts. Be the lucky one to know everything about Instagram and share it with your friends!

The amazing facts

It is shocking to know that Instagram is being mostly used by the people staying in the USA, Japan and Brazil! Seems they are the Instagram addicts.

Do you know Kylie Jenner. She is a celebrity that that has over 451 selfies till date! Now this is something that many of you did not know. Just go through her amazing selfies and give her a good competition!

There are over 57 million people who love clicking selfies. They love doing it especially with the hash tag variation.

Which is the second most geo tagged place? It is none other than the Times Square. So, you must be wondering which is the first most geo tagged place. Well, you must know this. It is the Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok.

Which was the most liked picture in 2013? It was Will Smith and Justin Biebers picture in Instagram.

How many employees worked when Instagram was purchased by Facebook? Well, it was just 13!

The most followed person on Instagram is none other than the most beloved singer, Justin Bieber.

Which is the most followed retailer here? Any guess? Lets keep it a secret because its the Victorias Secret!

The total number of photos uploaded as of 2014 is 16 billion! So, how many did you upload till now?

About 70% of people check the photos once a day at least.

Are you in Instagram? Well, if you are not, then just sign up and see how easily you can upload breathtaking photos and get thousands of likes instantly!